Deep in the North Pole, on an oasis of activity, a village of Elves dedicate themselves to the art of manufacturing $PRESENTS for the good children of the world. The elf society is broken down into two classes of elves: Worker Elves and Middle Management Elves. The former are the skilled creators of $PRESENTS and the latter are their managers who report directly to Clause Family management. Despite their differences, all elves share the same goal: to be that year’s top producer of $PRESENTS. Each year, Santa rewards the top producing elf with a ride on his sleigh on Christmas to help deliver that year’s $PRESENTS to all of the deserving children. 

    Worker Elves are the ground soldiers in Santa’s mission to deliver as many $PRESENTS as possible to the good children of the world. Worker Elves may be one of three different skill levels. Highly Skilled Elves are the experienced elves who have been around from the very beginning of the Clause Family’s operations. They initially agreed to take on the job only if they could be paid in $BNB. Average Elves and Low Skilled Elves, however, are simply grateful for the opportunity to be working for the infamous Clause Family and are willing to work for $PRESENTS.

    Since Santa and Mrs. Clause are often too busy with their primary duty of monitoring the naughty and nice children to spend much time on the floor of the workshop, Middle Management Elves are responsible for making sure all the Worker Elves stay on task. Without the Middle Management Elves, the Worker Elves would get distracted by songs and games, and the $PRESENTS would not be finished in time for Christmas! Due to the essential role they play in keeping the workshop running smoothly, Santa rewards them by giving them credit for 25% of the $PRESENTS made by their Worker Elves. If a Worker Elf quits its lifetime contract early, Middle Management Elves steal 50% of the retiring Worker Elf’s outstanding balance of $PRESENTS on their way out. After attending some M.B.A. seminars on how to keep up elven morale, Santa has determined that it’s best to just look the other way when this happens and let the Middle Management Elves get credit for those $PRESENTS stolen from a Worker Elf who abandons its duties.

    The only other inhabitants of the magical land are the lesser-skilled Abominable Snowmen, who are jealous of Santa's $PRESENTS operation and want the fame and glory all for themselves. Whenever a new Elf is hired by Santa to work at the North Pole, the Abominable Snowman tries to intercept the Elf on their way to Santa’s workshop and deceive the Elf to come work for him instead. All Highly Skilled Elves cleverly manage to escape his trickery, but unfortunately, some Average Elves and Low Skilled Elves find themselves making $PRESENTS for the Abominable Snowman instead of Santa. 


    There can never be more than ~39,500 Elves in the North Pole. This includes Worker Elves and Middle Management Elves. Of the Worker Elves, there are three levels of elves: Highly Skilled Elves, Average Elves, and Low Skilled Elves. You have a 10% chance of receiving a Middle Management Elf with each mint. 

    Highly Skilled Elves are the first ones to come work for Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. Because they are so highly skilled and cannot be tricked by the Abominable Snowman, they cost 0.45 BNB to hire (mint).  

    Once Santa has filled his ranks with Highly Skilled Elves, he needs to hire Low Skilled Elves to handle the boring, monotonous parts of $PRESENT-making. Low Skilled Elves cost 20,000 $PRESENTS to hire (mint), but they must be hired (minted) in groups of 5. Unfortunately, the Abominable Snowman manages to steal 20% of Low Skilled Elves that make it to the North Pole, so you can receive no more than 4 Low Skilled Elves at a time. 

    After Santa has hired all of the Highly Skilled and Low Skilled Elves, he needs some good, hardworking Average Elves who can keep a steady pace of manufacturing $PRESENTS. Average Elves cost 40,000 $PRESENTS to hire (mint) and must be hired (minted) in groups of 5. Average Elves may be hard workers, but they are not all that clever, so the Abominable Snowman is able to steal 20% of Santa’s Average Elves on their way to the workshop. This means you will never receive more than 4 Average Elves at a time.  

    You have a 5% chance of receiving an Abominable Snowman at initial mint (with BNB).

    $PRESENTS are normal tokens (with a 8% sell tax) that can be traded; however, if you donate them to Santa by Christmas, you have a chance of winning a part of the BNB rewards pool. The top 5 donators split the entire rewards pool. See the whitepaper to learn more.

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